Formed in 2003, Blue Portal Telecom was started by David Dickens and Martin Hodder. Operating in the mobile telecom industry, both in the sales and procurement sectors, we combined over 25 years of experience to establish an industry leading Consultancy.

Starting from the Thorncliffe Business Park, Sheffield, where we remain to this day, we created a mobile telecoms consultancy that offered a first class customer experience from tariff procurement to ongoing contract and device support. Complementing our ethos further, we engaged experienced business orientated staff,created an in-house business suite and operationally working mainly within the Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire counties, thus enabling the company to be very pro-active and responsive to customer needs.

In an ever changing industry, we still uphold and maintain our original core values and this is borne out in our long standing customer base, many of which have been with us since the outset.

We continue to look forward and embrace new technologies and tariffs for our customers whilst never forgetting our original values.