The right car kit solution for you ?

Choosing the right mobile phone car kit can be confusing because of the vast number of phones and car kits available on the market.
We’re here to make things simple for you !

We will discuss with you any special needs (such as in-car charging or multi-phone compatibility) and will recommend the right car kit manufacturer that is compatible for your mobile phone and car.

Call or email us for help and advice in choosing the perfect solution.

THB/Bury car kits

a) The car kit is interchangable with multiple phone manufacturers.
b) The cradle can be swapped quickly and easily to hold different phones.
c) In-car charging as standard on phone cradle.
d) Tough and durable – used by car makers such as Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley and Toyota.

a) Bluetooth is not available with a charging cradle.

Parrot car kits

a) Car kit works with any any bluetooth-enabled phone.
b) Incoming calls are displayed on an LCD screen.
d) Most models synchronise with your phone’s address book.
e) Voice recognition dialler on some models.

a) In-car charging not available for all phone models.