All refurbished PC’s are Grade A, fully cleaned, tested with a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro operating system.


Our refurbished laptops are fully upgraded and bench tested including a fresh install of the latest operating system. Supplied with a minimum of 12-36 months parts replacement warranty.


Our refurbished servers are ex lease and are fully refurbished, any degraded parts replaced and bench tested. Servers come with a minimum 12 – 36 months parts replacement warranty.


Whatever the level and type of networking is best for you and most effective for maintaining your business, we will provide it.

Knowledge & Experience

Whether you’re buying for personal use, or you’re purchasing a large amount of IT Equipment for a business, you’ll quickly see that you can make your budget go further by using Blue Portal IT. This is particularly true of Server hardware (including required upgrades), New PC’s & Laptops from Dell and HP which can often be costly for the initial setup then adding monitors, docking stations and Office Licenses.

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